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Our flagship project is the “MUUNI One Million Trees”. The project aims to achieve a minimum of one million grown trees in our operation areas by the end of year 2025. Others are the Eco Green Initiative (EGI) School based Environment Clubs (EGI E-Clubs), Pubic awareness on climate change and mitigation campaign, EGI E-Clubs tree nurseries, a 22-kilometer perimeter fence on Muuni hill, raising local water tables, and the development of a local Forest Carbon Credit benefit program.


This project involves formal and informal public presentations and demonstrations on the nature and character of local climate change and effective mitigation.  


Muuni is the highest peak in Emali/Mulala Ward, Makueni County, Kenya. Muuni, surrounding hills and lands have over the years undergone extreme environment damage in the form of unchecked deforestation.


Eco Green Initiative (EGI) School based Environment Clubs (EGI E-Clubs) provide an opportunity for effective student participation at school and in neighborhood general environment conservation and preservation activities. 


Long term unchecked and rampant gullying in Mulala, Emali and some parts of Mbitini locations have resulted in sharp and deep gorges and ravines. 


We have learnt that it is possible to achieve a significant portion of our one million trees target by securing trees in our areas of operation. A big challenge on the hills, particularly Muuni, has been tree growth interruptions by human activities and animal related damage.