This project involves formal and informal public presentations and demonstrations on the nature and character of local climate change and effective mitigation.  We have been able to achieve scheduled gatherings for public presentations by experts, local professionals, opinion shapers and other cadre of leaders including political and religious. Topics covered include environment restoration and conservation, weather and rainfall patterns, deforestation, afforestation, tree types and varieties, methods of planting and growing trees, sustaining trees and forests, water tables, erosion and gullying, and the link between trees/environment and quality of life, health, economy and crop yields, among others. Our advocacy puts emphasis in measures that can effectively mitigate local adverse impact of climate change and global warming.

Our scheduled public gatherings usually have attendance in excess of 1000 people. We also do public awareness in Churches, Schools and Market centers. Scheduled gatherings are organized with assistance from Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, Priests, Pastors, Teachers and office of the Member of County Assembly (MCA).

EGI environment awareness campaigns are planned to coincide with Tree Planting activities on Muuni hill and in primary school compounds. Other activities that characterize the events include a 15-kilometer mini marathon around Muuni hill, football and volleyball matches, and occasional invited relevant presentations. The latter have so far included presentations on drug abuse by NACADA, personal hygiene, First Aid, and other wide-ranging topics such as history, culture and heritage of the area.