Raising local water tables

Long term unchecked and rampant gullying in Mulala, Emali and some parts of Mbitini locations have resulted in sharp and deep gorges and ravines. We understand that the general landscape cannot maintain sustainable moisture above the general depth of the deepest parts of the gullies.

The impact of this situation is that the landscape loses moisture and water very fast, to the extent that usual rainfall may no longer sustain effective plant and crop growth. The overall impact of this has been a consistent drop in crop yields, a decline in local economy, loss of land value, a general community state of frustration, and attendant social and health consequences of such frustration.

EGI envisions measures toward improved landscape capacity for water and moisture retention. One key strategy is to raise the area general water table. Explicit, simple but effective measures include building gabions in select points along rivers and streams. We expect this undertaking to lead to a general filling of gullies, gorges and ravines, and therefore a raise in the water table. These measures must be accompanied by community sensitization on controlled and sustainable sand harvesting, and protection of rivers from illegal sand harvesting.