15-kilometer perimeter fence on Muuni hill

We have learnt that it is possible to achieve a significant portion of our one million trees target by securing trees in our areas of operation. A big challenge on the hills, particularly Muuni, has been tree growth interruptions by human activities and animal related damage. We believe that a deterrent perimeter fence on Muuni can alleviate this challenge.  Our tentative estimate is that the fence will stretch a minimum 15 Kilometers.

We envision a fence that will comprise cement-built fence posts, 8 feet chain link and trenches in select portions. Wooden posts are not viable because of rampant termites in the area. Trenching will help in reducing run-off water, controlling soil erosion, and act as primary deterrent against fence damage by animal and human encroachment. We are confident that a perimeter fence around Muuni will significantly increase survival and sustainability of growing trees.