Climate Change Mitigation


Eco Green Initiative is a Community Based Organisation. Our main focus is on climate change mitigation, the achievement of sustainable forest cover, and the improvement of the natural environment and human life in the areas we operate. 

The initiative is to raise public awareness, understanding of local eco nature and effective conservation. We believe that together, we can involve residents, public institutions, religious centers, operators in market centers, and private landowners to realize the importance of the natural environment.

Topics covered include ecological restoration and conservation, weather and rainfall patterns, deforestation, afforestation, tree types, and their varieties. 

Our projects are aimed at sensitizing people on methods of planting and growing trees, sustaining trees and forests, water tables, erosion and gullying, and the link between trees/environment and quality of life, health, economy, and crop yields, among others. 

Our advocacy emphasizes measures that can effectively mitigate the local adverse impact of climate change and global warming.

Eco Green Initiative is made up of volunteer members consisting of local Organized Community Groups, Primary Schools, Religious Institutions, and over 200 active volunteers.

Our Mission

Mobilization of resources and local residents toward sustainable afforestation and mitigation of climate change.

Our Vision

To create an ecologically green environment for a healthy bio-diversity and human existence.