EGI School based Environment Clubs

Eco Green Initiative (EGI) School based Environment Clubs (EGI E-Clubs) are one among six other EGI strategy projects toward public environment awareness on climate change and mitigation. This program comprises issues that address health, water and sanitation, tree planting with particular emphasis to multipurpose trees and species especially medicinal and fruit trees.

The strategy offers children a unique chance to learn about the importance of trees and provides an opportunity for effective student participation in environmental issues and local mitigation of impacts of climate change.  We believe that EGI E-Clubs will spread environmental awareness to a diverse audience throughout our schools, homes and neighborhoods.

Student members are guided by EGI with convenient, thoughtful and practical ways to change their lifestyles to better the environment, provide stewardship toward a sustainable natural environment, and take active role in exercising this responsibility.

While what we do today echoes into tomorrow, we are aware that our world is becoming more and more environmentally conscious and EGI wishes to instill such forward character in the early lives of our students and the community at large.  We agree and know that together, we can and will create positive change.

It has become clear that the degrading state of the environment is as a result of human activities. A growing interest among students and teachers in environmental issues and their conservation led to action in the form of EGI School based Environment Clubs. The Clubs are voluntary youth groups formed in schools and communities, dedicated to protecting the environment by supporting and promoting conservation action.

EGI Clubs are a mechanism for raising awareness and to increase interest and youth involvement in the environment and the conservation at school level. EGI Clubs also provide an opportunity for schools to implement environmental conservation education programmes in Kenya’s CBC education system.



  • Educate and train EGI E-Club members on nature and character of local climate change, challenges and mitigation.
  • Use EGI E-Club as a forum for member students to express their views on local Environmental matters and awareness.
  • Establish nurseries for tree seedlings within compounds of participating primary schools and other public institutions.
  • Plant and grow Fruit trees within host school compounds, and other viable tree varieties at EGI E-Club members homes, lands and neighborhood
  • Manage specific EGI climate mitigation sub-projects in allocated public spaces.

Pioneer sub-projects include the planting and growing of trees in the following: 

  1. Hills (Muuni, Masue, KwaKamba, Maatha)
  2. Riverine and stream environments (KwaNgasya, KwaKyambo, Muooni, Ndiuni, Mukameni, etc)
  3. Spaces along roads (Emali/ Welovea, KwaSomba/ Mulala/ Mbenuu, KwaKotoe/ Kiuwani, Kwakotoe/ Kisaani, Kisaani/ Katingani, KwaMumbe/ Tutini/ Kalima, Welovea/ Mwasangome/ Mulala/ Matiku, Mulala/ Mwanyani, Katune/ Matiku/ KwoThuku, among others)
  4. Market centers (Emali, Kwakotoe, Mulala, KwaMutula, Matiku, Mwanyani, Kativani, Welovea, Mwasangombe, Tutini, etc)

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